• Wireless can be deployed far quicker than Fibre in many areas, and outside of the current Fibre footprint.
  • Wireless Service providers deployed Country Wide, Carrier Grade Voice and Data Networks, with a combination of Fibre and high capacity Wireless back-hauls for redundancy can certainly compete with Fibre.
  • Deploy Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint Solutions for last mile connectivity with guaranteed uptimes.
  • Wireless solutions may, in some cases, be more cost-effective than Fibre, quicker to deploy, and with the added advantage of deployment within and any outlying areas, provided there is coverage.
  • This can provide any business with a permanent solution even if Fibre is available in the area.

Wireless vs Fibre

  • Comparing Fibre to Wireless Technology – availability, coverage, reliability, uptime guarantees, capacity, service delivery and price are all key elements to consider.
  • As for Fibre capacity vs Wireless capacity, the gap continues to shrink due to the technology evolving on a daily basis.
  • Outside of the high-density areas in both small and large towns where fibre is years away, Wireless Technology is readily available to meet all customer requirements.
  • Both options are scalable, to ensure that as your needs grow, so can your connectivity. Fibre and Wireless capacities can be expanded by a change in configuration and if required, a change in equipment, both of which can be easily managed by the service provider.
  • Ultimately, both Fibre and Wireless are purely the Connectivity (Layer-2) method, for the delivery of the service/s to be provided.

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