Residential Fibre

OPENTEL is the chosen Fibre To The Home internet provider. Our customers choose us for our fast, efficient and friendly service.

  • uncapped and unshaped internet
  • professional indoor installations
  • unthrottled bandwidth

Business Fibre

OPENTEL offers an array of business fibre connectivity solutions. From dedicated fibre lines to cost effective broadband solutions.

  • Dedicated uncontended fibre
  • Broadband low-contented fibre
  • Business support

Wireless Broadband

With speeds up to 15Mbps our Wireless Broadband products are KING. Our area coverage grows by the day and we want to connect you.

  • No long term contracts
  • Choose your data package
  • upgrade or downgrade any time you like

Voice over IP

Our VoIP service is world class. A full featured hosted PBX that is scalable to call-centre level. Simple to advanced solutions.

  • call routing to any destination
  • digital receptionist
  • competitive call rates
  • enterprise grade yet low cost


OPENTEL designs and install internal networks from server cabinets all the way to end points and WiFi access points.

  • Full network design and reporting
  • CAT5 and CAT6 installations
  • Network testing/repair
  • Cabinet setup

Why People Choose US

Service Quality
Area Covered
Support Success
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