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Fibre FAQ's

  • Fibre is becoming increasingly popular.
  • It is a natural replacement for high-theft copper, and as a fixed-line service it is stable, robust, and has a very high data carrying capacity.
  • Because Fibre is underground, the reliability of its throughput is not affected by the elements which can affect entry-level wireless solutions. The Fibre cables can be accidentally dug up, however resulting in connectivity downtime.
  • Fibre services to a business can be up-scaled to higher-speeds easily.
  • Due to the increase of rollouts affordability and turnaround times to installation in most areas is steadily improving.

Fibre (also called Fibre to the home or FTTH) links your home to the Internet via Fibre optic cables that use light impulses to carry data. These impulses bounce along thin glass Fibre tubes at the speed of light, which makes Fibre very fast and stable resulting in a more reliable, buffer free, experience.

The Fibre infrastructure provider installs the Fibre cable from the road into your home. Once you have placed your order with Opentel, the Fibre infrastructure provider will call you to set up an installation date. We’d recommend being at home at the time of installation to ensure you agree with the installer on the placement of the cable and ONT device.

If your order is indicated as ready for installation, the average time for installation from order is 5 to 14 working days, but this does depend on your availability and you booking a date and time with the installer. If they cannot get hold of you, then this will take longer. Look out for calls from them.

Installation and connection (or activation) costs are charged by the Fibre infrastructure provider to install Fibre into your home.

Fibre does not work with an old ADSL router, so if you are converting from ADSL make sure you include a router in your order.

The router is dispatched as soon as an installation date is confirmed. Delivery takes between 5 and 7 working days depending on the delivery address.

After installation has been completed it can take between 3 and 5 working days for your product to become active. This is to ensure that the Fibre infrastructure provider can check that your line is working correctly. You are only billed for product usage  when the line is active. Track your order online and look out for Emails and SMS’s which notifies you your line is active.

Fibre is rolling out quickly. If your suburb does not have coverage, then look at Opentel’s wireless packages. Opentel will endeavour to provide a wireless link.

  • Wireless can be deployed far quicker than Fibre in many areas, and outside of the current Fibre footprint.
  • Wireless Service providers deployed Country Wide, Carrier Grade Voice and Data Networks, with a combination of Fibre and high capacity Wireless back-hauls for redundancy can certainly compete with Fibre. 
  • Deploy Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint Solutions for last mile connectivity with guaranteed uptimes.
  • Wireless solutions may, in some cases, be more cost-effective than Fibre, quicker to deploy, and with the added advantage of deployment within and any outlying areas, provided there is coverage. 
  • This can provide any business with a permanent solution even if Fibre is available in the area.

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