Home Connectivity


OpenTel Technologies deploys a state-of-the-art fibre network in your complex or Estate at no cost to the body corporate.


Reliable uncapped and unshaped fibre connectivity that is convenient.
Planning is done with the Managing agencies and body corporates to install to their specifications with the least possible disruption.

We maintain our very own private and secure dedicated Data centre.
Tenant and owner sign-ups to join are completely voluntary.


Owners can individually consult with us on the most feasible, and least disruptive route into their unit.
We handle the design, installation, splicing, and maintenance of the entire fibre/Wireless network.
Broadband packages are attractive and kept in line with market-related pricing.

Opentel is a Premium Fibre & Wireless Internet Service Provider.
Opentel provides carrier grade broadband and dedicated internet solutions for the Residential & Business Sector